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Welcome to Hurricane Carwash

Hurricane Car Wash serves Carthage, Missouri and its surrounding towns with all of the options a car wash should offer!

We have two types of automatic washes, including the environmentally friendly Soft Touch and our high-pressure Touch Free. 

Various features of our automatic washes are Bug Off, Tri-Gloss Polish, undercarriage wash, dryers, and various waxes - including Carnuba Wax!

Our hand wash bays include multiple tools and settings to remove all of the grime from your car's body, grille and tires.

After your wash, your car wash experience doesn't end!  We have vacuums, carpet shampooers, and dryers! Vending machines provide all the drying and cleaning tools a handwasher could ever desire!

Did we mention we have a truck bay with a cat-walk? That's right, our truck bay at our Midtown location can handle whatever size truck, boat, trailer or RV you have.

Bring your pets down to the Midtown location for our Pet Wash!

Need ice?  We have that, too!

Whether you prefer an on-the-go automatic or are a take-your-time handwash, we have everything you need at Hurricane Carwash in Carthage.

3 Locations in Carthage

Hurricane Car & Pet Wash

2119 S. Garrison

Hurricane Car Wash North

1315 Oak Street

Hurricane Car Wash South

201 West Fir Road

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